The Lost Art of the Fallen (Deluxe Edition)

by Master Wiz

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This album is just a small glimpse into the lost art form that belong to the once dominant underground mic controller (MC). This album is a representation of the great lyricists that have fallen and have been replaced by mind controlled drones in tight jeans whose allegiance is not to Hip Hop, but to the industry that have forcefully inserted them into our culture. The underground mc may never emerge again, may never rise to the top, but the true art of Hip Hop will never truly be lost… not as long as I’m alive.

-Master Wiz


released February 4, 2012

Written by Kelby J. Walker. Executive Producer Javon Craig for Distant Pham Entertainment. Recorded @ The Phamily Dynn Studio. Mixed by Oichang @ Sonik Garage Studio.



all rights reserved


Distant Pham 沖縄県, Japan

He was born... then he started rapping.

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Track Name: Verse One [Intro]
That's when I metamorphosis into a Sorcerer / I'm sort of morbid with this raw lyrics that Wiz is awesome with / absorbing this through the source of it so of course it gets dark when his thoughts are heartless / supporting this, I own a coffin with a corpse in it / you better be avoiding him destroying him is useless / he use to be human now he's an alien life form transforming to Optimus Prime / his dominant rhyme demolish men's lives / Wiz name's synominous with sliding cock in men's wives / I high five the other five guys that came to gang bang / ran a train on your wife and video tapped it live / now don't you hate life? / beware of it / my therapist says I need to make nice / Like a spanish kid that hate rice, it doesn't exist / it doesn't make sense / it's like a young pretty chick trying to pay to get a face lift / it's like a man with only two fingers still trying to make fist / or you eating doodoo saying "I don't taste shit" / get it? eating doodoo but don't taste shit / whatever, I'm back to defacing all of your fake shit / I make hits that'll make Jay-Z's playlist basic / I cant even imagine the reaction when you play your shit / even Damon Wayan's was like "I hated it" / for my raps he did two snaps in a zig zag shape with it / crazy shit I'm famous for strangling kids / a stain on the brain of the Wiz / I love your girl and the brain that she gives / maintaining my wits with your chick between my legs is dangerous as Wesley Snipes sitting on my plane is / Are you feeling no hope? / Are you making no doe? / Think your rhymes are so so? / Good, cause this is what my aim is
Track Name: The Glory Days
(Verse One)
I’m here to teach the truth to the youth who cease to see through deceit use defeat and abuse the street / they use heat to leave you and your peeps deceased crews of mc’s use their rhymes to glorify senseless crimes when they deceive you / I see you cant see through the nonsense / the odd kids of the game drama always bring thoughts of calmness to the brain with heart / it’s hard to contain my passion with rapping / it’s so hard to explain attack and track the artist I've slained / and when the spark and flame in the dark is gone / I will live on through song / who cares if I ever get on? Not me / I'm too old to focus on the record deal / my whole goal's to stay focus and wreck it with skills / I keep it dope kid / fans notice that I keep it real / hope I dont explode, blow... you know go into overkill / by now you now I'm so foreal with it / conceal the real image / I'm the real thing, the real Wizard / you will feel it... if you will listen

It's just another day / It's just another place / I'm in another state of mind / I rhyme to find the way to bring hip hop back to it's finer days
Some rhyme to get paid / some rhyme to get laid / I'm in another state of mind / I rhyme to find the way to bring hip hop back to it's finer days

(Verse Two)
What’s the current state of hip hop / shits not what it used to be / when did it stop moving me / why would it choose to be commercialized / desert the kind of verse and rhymes that made the worst of lives rise from the dirt and surface with the perfect life / work they minds with lyrics delivered with high spirits / mirror the greatest maybe the purest is serious taping what the cure is / it sure is crazy / no insurance to save me / furious maybe with how hip hop is lately / had to sit back and admire the way that I spit fire like Dylan / I rhyme on never retire / optic fiber cyber wars, most cats handle their battle with keyboards / delete you off facebook and be no more / kind of corny and cheesy, demeaning but easy / these weak mc’s be biting rhyme schemes be like Lil’ Wheezy / you ought to rap like we be / DP EP be 3 times better than your favorite cd / defeating me’s not possible feat / possibly if possible you should talke your feet / or talk with your hands, sign language for speaking / I’ll give you 10 g’s… well, if it would prevent you from breathing on any mic / any type of hype in my life make me wanna sacrifice you and your wife life to the mic device / will the price of life suffice or what I write survive the time / the price to cyph with the right lines that’s why I write rhymes / fight crime in black tights… nah, I’m not in the right mind / music is now useless and hip hop is my life line / despite time fly by / I rhyme 88mph like I’m McFly / yeah, I’m super SiFi

It's just another day / It's just another place / I'm in another state of mind / I rhyme to find the way to bring hip hop back to it's finer days
Some rhyme to get paid / some rhyme to get laid / I'm in another state of mind / I rhyme to find the way to bring hip hop back to it's finer days
Track Name: No Glow
I’m like the Levies the way that I flow
You flow like there’s no soul
that’s like battling Sho-Nuff with no glow
that’s a no no cause I’m so dope with it
sick with it pull the pen then it blows
Yo chick sits on my dick when it’s exposed
hip to this shit know Wiz, he explodes
Do I stress? No.
You wanna step though
even 2nd best know I spit the best flow
for 6 peso and a cheeseburger I’ll fuck and murder your X-Hoe
with no thought
Your squad walk around like they so hard
talking shit when battling Wiz is harder then doing push-ups with no arms
You so soft I can read your thoughts like an X-Men
You Thespian just play your part
we the best of men we flow from the heart
you wanna test us then you upset the men
we need none of that
You Mumm-Ra, we Thundercats, Fuck all of that
No pun attached when I say I hit these Hos like a Running Back
Run that back...
No coming back
all the wack rap crap I outta hand it back to the wack cat that rap to the beat
I can pass gas on the same beat and my ass would probably pass as an mc
This has to be the most confusing time since Master P asking is there a Heaven for Gansta, Gansta, Gansta, they straight trash to me
When I call a chick a bitch... she will hit me
Dont make me angry... Bill Bixby
I’m Lee Majors... they will fix me
Bionic Man, that’s why your chick is still with me
I hope you know that last part was a joke trying to catapolt my likability instantly
you envy me, my enemies get hit wit a lightining bolt
I might be ghost when it’s time to go
with these rhymes I wrote I hope to live longer then Joan Rivers if it’s possible
when illogical becomes logical anything seems possible
but that’s not so when I drop though these mc’s in the game gonna know that I’m hot though
when the clock dont tick Wiz is the shit even if he’s snot nosed
so close to blowing up I can taste it
I promise to remember you haters when I make it
your girl know you wack that’s why she wont say shit
When I bust a nut in her mouth so she can taste Wiz.
Track Name: Window (feat. Uriah)
(Verse One)
Nobody can judge me but God / But even swallowing that is a little hard / that's when I start to barge in with my cause / cause all those to hear it just really pause / and make you think before you open them jaws / and say all kind of lame things that you thought was cool / I pitty the fool cause you're not on the level to really tell me whether I'm hot / what's your plot to tell me wack and hope that I quit rap / as talented as I am, what sense is that? / you can kiss my a... a... / no cussing, Uriah's on the track I have to be more exact / you can have soul in your name dont mean there's soul in your music / 13 years deep in the game I aint stupid / but it confuse us how useless that you is / as useless as the truth is to you kids / the truth is I spit from the heart when I do this / dont aim for fame this aint for the cool kids / this for the black and whites and fillipinos... infact, all asians and latinos /

People are so fast to judge when staring through the window and the masses are so hard to touch when standing behind the window so open it

(Verse Two)
Yeah, I get it... you're the best rapper in town / Okinawa, Japan.. oh yeah... wow / I'm sorry yall, I had to pause for a few bars because I'm in awe by how "great" that you are / even though your music is soft / I can tell by the way that you do it, you're lost / one dollar should cover your cd cost, a penny more that's a rip off / but I'd give you a hundred dollars for you stop performing / it's opposite day and I'm saying you're not boring / you get? I said "you're not boring"... that's obvious irony / you lit a fire in me / it make sense to listen to lyrics I'm spitting I rip while these niggas sit and diss it wishing Wizard will stop / uplifiting is Wizard gripping the spot 110% of these niggas admitting the Wizard is hot

People are so fast to judge when staring through the window and the masses are so hard to touch when standing behind the window so open it

(Verse Three)
You lack the motivation to grab the whole nation / with rap I'm gone to make it / exact and expose traitors / and laugh at those haters / disaster with song making / attack your squad / later attack and cold case 'em / I'm crazy and mabe that's why I rhyme out of my mind nobody can save me / how I define my life lately / it's the percfect time mabe / spit verse and rhyme crazy / beserk, but fly baby / C'mon, I'm so close these niggas are so so / dont notice I'm so dope / dont know that I'm going to blow eventually / dont make sense to me how you going to go and talk the talk you talk / walk the walk you walk / I've mastered this dark art / I walk and dogs bark / defining all laws in the game reflectin the pain yall cause /

People are so fast to judge when staring through the window and the masses are so hard to touch when standing behind the window so open it
Track Name: To This
It's the Wizard my lyrics potent has hollow tips / try to follow Wiz and I'll slit your throat with a bottle lid / model chick try to make me cum and swallow it (yuck) / they'll bottle it up and sale it for a 100,000 cents / hence my arrogant stance on how I advance / stand on one leg, I got two, use one to stomp you the death / I'm a mc and I can see your heart beat through your chest / cause you see me, cant speak standing in the presence of the best / your best bet to watch where you step / I'm Weapon-X, my exoskeleton is strips of Adamatium bits / flip lyrical shit for no reason / but I'm breathing this hip hop / speaking heat seeking rhyme deceiving until the shit stops / and if this shit stops it's not ever going to be the same like the face of a grown man if some flip flops / get got talking the shit / mocking the Wiz is not the way to live / got to give life a chance before it stops

2x Go ahead and bang your head when you jam this / you and I both know that Wiz is the shit and you could not exist without him
Track Name: 98 Love Rap [feat. Uriah]
(Verse One)
The 1st time I saw you, you saw me, it caused you to flip through your phone and slip me your digits to call you / I swear to God boo, it's hard too understand why I'm in awe of you / credit you for my eyes see, it's all you and all you do is get better with time / when times late, I'd rather taste you instead of some wine / besides it's your intelligent mind that keeps my mind alive with the very thought of you and I / shine like the stars in the sky / more than that, shine like the moon that consumes the zoom lens on my Rebel XTI / you specialize in catching guys eye or is it just me / cupid aim for Wiz and hit the bullseye / suppose I'm the lucky one... not the most handsom, but cute enough plus the funny one / before the money come, I had to find you to make sure "I Love You" is not just a line used to reel in a millionaire to stand beside you... cause I'm broke.

(Verse Two)
I had to make sure "I Love You" is not a line used to reel in a millionaire to stand beside you cause I'm broke as a joke / so you think that expression's funny? / Do you see me laughing... Nope / Got to see the bright side of even dumb thing like I'm to brok to buy dope so I'm drug free... ha ha just joking again / remember you said you liek the funny men, so funny what's you going to get / How's the phone sex... uhm... wack but relax / the word is you heard Wiz is good in teh sack / besides that I'm a cool dude... too cool sometimes / do what I do x2 to set me aside from other guys
Track Name: Oh No
Her outer exterior made inferior chicks hate / pretty face body amazing, that's how she gets dates / misplaced hatred when facing ladies in this place / perfect time for me to slide in she says "Wiz wait" / you nice but

That's when she explained she had a sex addiction / she stressed the instant that I step in obsessing, it's hard to resist it / I said "I understand it, I can barely manage the vision of Wizard's reflection myself so don't stress it / just accept it

It really blows knowing how dope you are / you gotta know you can only go so far / I said fuck that shit... I'm Distant Pham bitch / you x man's best friend's girlfriend should get her ass kicked for calling me average / oh now your silent / I know I'm violent / I once beat a man with a violin

I know I'm crazy right / crazy like life is precise with it / I'm nice with it when I write lyrics / you should like Wizard and might give it to you with a nice visit / despite niggas who'd like to hit / if I get it, I'll sign "Wizard" on your belly let them know I did it
Track Name: Her/Him (feat. Mina Leon)
Wake up use make-up to cover up that black eye
She never thought she'd be the dumb one and end up with that guy
You know his type, business mind, black suite and black tie
asshole behind closed doors, knows when to act right in public
know how to function and people think he's something
and Lacy feels like nothing can change... she's stuck with him
In love with him no more but the suffering goes on
Her love for him was so strong. When did it go wrong?
Right around the time he lost his job
treating his wife like she's the reason his life's hard
Despite she treats him right but too late his mind's lost in bitterness
senselessness he flip his wig and go off
Sometimes he choose to use verbal abuse
Sometimes he'd go berserk and do crazy things you'd think someone insane would do
True, her staying seems lame to you
They say love related to war
the more love in you the more hate in you

Verse 2
for about two years now she's here crying
trying to put a few more beers down she's dying
inside that peace of mind no longer seems to exist
she used to be sweet now she's just seen as a bitch
her body be sporadically shaking, you know who feigns get
She thinks she has to wear skimpy cloths for her to be the shit
Anyways... she had one more beer then she got a good idea
an idea that will erase all of fears
finally be able to wipe away her tears
Around that time she started shooting up
trying to forget the pain from the things he used to do to her
as far as she was concern that dude was Lucifer
not just physically, but mentally abusing her
at first she was his Earth now she's Jupiter
deep inside hate reside, but he hid the truth from her
deep inside her mind it made her feel stupider
uhm... I mean more stupid how he be using her
They've been together so long that loosing her
is a reality not known to him... confused? Observe
or reverse the verse back to her idea and plan
Her perfect plan to finally get rid of her man so...
she had one more beer then she got a good idea
an idea that will erase all of her fears
finally be able to wipe away her tears

Verse 3
Here's the plan the way it is in her mind
while her husband sleeps she will sneak in and grab his 9mm
heater this creep is going to die
he's usually asleep by nine so it's the perfect time
she tells herself it's self defense... it's not a crime
he was in the house on the couch when she snuck inside
she crept up behind him and stuck the gun up to his spine
that's when her conscious stepped in and she started to cry
she couldn't do it her plan's a useless design
She fell to her knees asking "God Why?"
She closed her eyes for moment
that's why she didn't notice that her husband was holding the gun
and she knows it's way too late to run
if she has any regrets, it's just one
She wish she had pulled the trigger
she wish she had the strength to kill this nigga
"This is it bitch" he whispered
counting would calm herself down she figured
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7,....
Track Name: The Lost Art of the Fallen (feat. Mina Leon)
Music's hyptnotic / sit and listen to you spit garbage / switch wallets with a big baller / Wizard Wizard gotta sale his album $10 / lotta niggas claim they bring drama / see DP then they be screaming for they're Momma / think we at our peak everything's deep when we speak like a speech from Obama / we honor no peace only war the only course of action / born backward born rapping / raw how I format it / raw matter splitting atoms / bite and your jaw shatter / all that'll do is bring hard laughter / blood splatter for your false chatter / all that'll all add up / forecast a storm that'll take form that's forced to attack ya / Nigga I'm the Wizard / is it sick that these neiggas ride my dick cause my penmenship / with the pen I get cocky knocky me and I get sick with my symptoms spit / I got no structure but my instrumental does instrumental with my mental slugs never miss you diss you hit you with the scud missle whistle rep through blood and skin issue

It sounds fucked up but I dont give a fuck what dumb motherfuckers think about me or DP / you see what goes up dont get stuck up there it's gotta come down clown / hear my sound now while I'm in this mind frame / loud underground shit / pound for pound my sound make 'em come around and if time change mind state's twisted / I think niggas I hate figure time waits / if ya shine cant get ya mind straight Wizard's rhyme may diss ya / might take niggas shine away if ya die today could you take the fame with you / take that gold chain with you / what did that bling bling really get you? the same thing fronting get you... nothing... I'm buggin'... fuck it, just love it if I show your chick my dick will she sucke it / I'm bugging... what suck is something in hip hop is lacking substance / my function is to bring it back to where it really mean something to someone

the fact is these niggas wack as shit wack as a fat chick doing back flips in a bad attempt to get her ass licked by a black kid bought off the internet... well, kinda made sense in my head, but didnt make sense when I said it out loud... yall dont listen anyways so who gives a shit.