by Master Wiz

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This is a song that I just felt like I had to write upon realizing how common this kind of event happens. Within less then a month, 4 women confided in me stories of abuse. All four were sexually abused by members of their community. 3 were abused by family members. 2 were abused by their fathers. Most were able to directly connect how what happened to them had impacted their lives. Since, I have learned of other women in my life that have been touched by similar occurrences which shift the question from "who has this happened to" to "who has this not happened to". There is obviously a serious issue that we think we know about from watching talk shows, but I dont think "we" really know real this issue truly is. "Daylight" is an awareness song to shed light on this subject and hopefully get the communication and support flowing to the loved ones who may have similar experiences.


released May 12, 2013

Written by Kelby J. Walker for Distant Pham Entertainment. Produced by Peder. Additional production by Master Wiz for DP Ent.



all rights reserved


Distant Pham 沖縄県, Japan

He was born... then he started rapping.

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Track Name: Daylight
She was just a young girl when it started / her step father would come home drunk, fucked up... he’s Godless / he discarded his position as the father figure / when he steps inside the room fear consumes her... he enters / so cold all alone her moms not home to defend her / besides through her young eye this guy is her mom’s center / like a calm winter storm that form clouds / his senseless act her innocence is what we mourn now... it’s gone / her insides were all wrong / told herself it only happens off and on / not an every day occurrence, yeah this verbage is disturbing / regardless how you word it she’s hurting her insides burning / learning how to mask the pain probably felt like acid rain / not just physical, but the emotional that make her laugh insane / the fact remains his ass’s to blame / I rack my brain how he walk through life with his head high... not even acting ashamed

So she keep this secret deep beneath this wall she built / no one sees it, so she thinks this... she’s deceived herself / the demons they seep in got her thinking she dont need the help / even she cant see herself or see he’s decreased her health / molested in the most aggressive way / most’ll be stressed by a day like hers when she had to undress and obey / this man who should’ve been her protector not her molestor / she just a kid but didnt slip under pressure... or did she? / She grew up not knowing that she’s a woman / borderline whoring herself to whoever the fuck would bone it / disown her? Nah, they really dont own her / fuck her, but not give a fuck about her... they dont know her / in the wrong places looking for love / the last place you should ever look is the club / shit, even nice guys like me go there to fuck / just respect yourself and respect from others will come I promise

Then she gained a little weight that made her further think that she was worthless undeserving of that perfect place / but she found it surrounded by her husband and two kids / but the truth is the truth exist / that wall she built’s now thick as tooth picks / she too sick to do shit / refuses to move with this truth that is oozing out loosing the human within / the music begin I use it to get my point across / yeah she’s lost but that girl can be found again / and we can help her begin to mend the wounds within / help her understand what he did was not her sins but his / he deserves the worst, he deserves to be alone and hurt / he deserves wort then my verse and words can unearth / but first we got to focus on today and face that brighter place / I know your pain’ll never go away, but maybe it fades / the pain make you stronger / embrace ways to help others / face the pain / never go away but maybe it fades